Monday, March 24, 2008

XRuby license changed to BSD

XRuby had been licensed under GNU General Public License v2. For people who want to create solutions based on XRuby, this means they had to adopt GPL as well, which is not always possible. So since 0.3.3, we changed the license to BSD. Hopefully this will help XRuby gain more acceptance, especially from the corporate world.


Unknown said...

Wouldn't contributing to JRuby be a better use of resources?

JRuby can already run RoR, and is nearly fully Ruby 1.8.6 compatible. But XRuby can't run RoR yet, and is targeting 1.8.5 compatibility.

Not to mention, there are actual production sites using Ruby on Rails on JRuby today, including an site.

Nerd Progre said...

is this project dead now?

I think xruby excells in the sense that it might need no runtime or external libs, allowing to compile ruby code and run it on resources-constrained embedded devices with a Java VM